Defining Personal/Professional Learning Networks

Being Connected

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Developing Personal/Professional Learning Networks

If you’re interested in expanding your PLN, here’s a directory of some of the best web 2.0 tools:
Examples and Guides
Social Networking
Keeping up with personal, more social contacts like friends, family, and former students
Facebook, [[]|Myspace]]
Populated with educators from around the world who share best practices and resources in short bursts
Twitter, My guide to Twitter, Plurk, Utterli
Professional Profiles
Find other professionals and experts in your field
LinkedIn, Brightfuse
Community-monitored sites that can function as websites or for group organization and projects
Wikispaces, pbwiki,wetpaint
Great sources of information such as classroom best practices as well as personal opinions; Blogs monitor the heartbeat of new trends in education and the commenting back and forth leads to many great ideas and relationships
WordPress, (check out my ‘Blogroll’ to the right – they’re my favorites),Blogger, Typepad, Alltop– top blog headlines by subject, Technorati – a blog search engine
RSS Reader
RSS means “Real Simple Syndication” – an RSS reader is a tool that allows you to keep up with many of your favorite blogs, all in once place
(see this video ‘RSS in Plain English’)
Netvibes, (My Netvibes),PageFlakes, Google Reader
Communities of people interested in similar topics, with forums and messaging
Classroom 2.0, Future of Education, Ning
Social Bookmarking
Share bookmarks with others, see what others are bookmarking; you can join groups and get email updates on new bookmarks
Diigo, Diigo Groups,Delicious
Live, on-line presentations or conferences, with real-time chat, hosted by experts on specific topics; Great way to learn about new things and to meet new people
Classroom 2.0 Live!,EdTechTalk Live,Elluminate – host your own!, Dim Dim
Backchanneling of conferences
When there are neat (and expensive) conferences that you can’t attend, follow conversations and links about the highlights
Twitter search – use acronyms like ‘NECC’ or ‘SXSWi’
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Stages of PLN Development

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