Leaving No AT Training Need Behind!

Making AT Training Available at the Fingertips of Students, Education Professionals & Families

Brian W. Wojcik , Dave Hohulin, Karen Janowski & Kirk Behnke

Excited about the AT that has been purchased with the stimulus monies? Wondering how to provide sufficient quality trainings to promote the effective use of the AT? Then this session is for you! Participants will learn how to use free, readily available and fee-based commercial technologies to produce and provide effective AT training and support experiences for students, education professionals and families through step by step hands-on activities. The session will cover topics related to developing and implementing technical assistance support, ‘just in time’ training, and web-based instruction for AT including the use of online modules and courses, social networking, and real-time training and coaching over the internet. Characteristics of successful professional development will be presented and discussed along with methods to evaluate the effectiveness of professional development programs.

1. First Key Learning Point
Use free web-based technology tools to plan, develop and implement training in the effective use of AT. Create screencasts demonstrating features of an AT software application and post it to a website along with related supplementary materials to ensure effective AT implementation.
2. Second Key Learning Point
Create professional development experiences about assistive technology using recommended instructional design practices. Learn how to use video and synchronous communication technologies to troubleshoot AT device issues and provide AT device training over the internet.
3. Third Key Learning Point
Develop an understanding of how to measure and determine the efficacy of AT training experiences that are provided.